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Mitch Lieberman Squad LeaderFidelity Investments

Mitch has a passion for understanding customer needs. Whether internal or external, creating exceptional user experiences drives how he approaches product strategy. As a leader, Mitch ensures that his teams, business strategy, and technology innovation work harmoniously toward desired outcomes. Mitch has been at the forefront of both technology and process within the Contact Center domain for over 25 years. Conversations have been the operating system of humanity for thousands of years, though the scale and speed are small and slow.

In comparison, Contact Centers have been evolving for only 50 years, and yes, conversations are the operating system of the modern Contact Center. This evolution has been substantially accelerated within the past 3-5 years. Research and studied understanding of conversational intelligence enables Mitch to connect with stakeholders and focus on the most important areas that can benefit from intelligence as well as progress in the use of artificial intelligence. This understanding allows him to create solutions that truly address their challenges and deliver measurable business outcomes for businesses and their customers.